12-year old admitted in the University of Ghana.

Viemens Bamfo, a 12 year old boy has been admitted in the Univeristy of Ghana to pursue a course in Public Administration.

The boy has been home schooled by his father for all his academic life due to financial difficulties. This means Viemens Bamfo did not attend any primary, Junior or Senior High School.

He registered for the Private Wassce and passed with flying colours. He applied to the University of Ghana Distance Education and was accepted and enrolled at the University to study Public Administration.

Viemens is not the first to get home schooled in his family. His father explained that due to financial constraints, he had to take it upon himself to teach his children in the house. Viemens elder sister was also home-schooled.

Home schooling is not a popular way of education in Ghana as compared to other advanced countries but Mr. Bamfo has defied all odds to take give this type of education to his children.

At the age of 12, Viemens has earned admission to Ghana’s premier University and this is a milestone as majority of people who get admitted into any University must have been 18 years and above if they passed through the normal ranks of our education system which begins at primary school at the age of 6.

Asked of his aspirations, Viemens stated that he wants to be the president of Ghana at the age of 40. President Akuffo Addo and Former president Barak Obama are his role models.

We wish Viemens all the best in his pursuits at the University.

Do you believe the decision of his father to home school Viemens was the best? Share your comments below:

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