Academic activities come to a halt at KTI.

Students of the Kumasi Technical Institution have vandalized sections of the school and other assets belonging to staff members of the school. The riot occurred when the Senior Housemaster and other school authorities decided to prevent some students from wearing unprescribed uniforms to class.

The students who were mainly in their final year who took offence to the authorities approach to ensure discipline went on rampage in the school and this led to destruction of school’s properties.

The Police at Manhyia Divisional command had to come in to restore peace in the school. The Police has started investigations and ten (10) students have been rounded up.

According to the Divisional Commander, the properties destroyed include cars, louvre blades, air conditioners, glass doors and the school’s notice board.

As at Tuesday, the Police is still at the campus to ensure peace and academic activities have come to a stand still as most of the students and teachers are out of the school fearing another attack.

This is not the first time students of Kumasi Technical Institute have embarked on a rampage that has led to destruction of properties.

In 2017, according to, the students were involved in a similar incident after a confrontation with the police on their school’s premises. In that incident, the students who were returning from Ashanti Regional Inter schools sports games blocked the road leading to the school and created traffic congestion. In an attempt to free the road for traffic flow, the police were called in to restore order and it led into a confrontation which spread onto the campus.

Do you think there is a way to put a stop to this vandalism in our second cycle and tertiary institutions? Add your comments below:

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