ACP Agodzor denied bail.

The Accra High Court today dismissed the bail application by ACP Benjamin Agordzor. ACP Agordzor is facing trial for an alleged plot to overthrow the government.

The Lawyers of the Police officer filed for a bail application when their client (ACP Agordzor) was remanded in Police custody on November 8, 2019.

The Lawyers of the accused in the court today, argued that their client was yet to be charged for any crime and for that matter the court should overturn the decision of the district court to remand their client pending investigations. They demanded the immediate release of their client because detaining their client in Police custody was unlawful.

The Prosecutors, however, argued that the release ACP Agordzor from Police custody could result in the interference of the case since he was in the capacity to influence proceedings.

The judge ruled to dismiss the bail application by ACP Agordzor and ordered he be sent back to Police Custody.

The High Court last week also dismissed the bail application by the other seven accused person facing trial to topple the government which is in connection with the case of ACP Agordzor.

Lawyers of the accused after the ruling by court expressed their disappointment in the court and said their client was being victimized because the charges against him are frivolous and baseless.

ACP Agordzor is set to go back to the court on 20th November 2019.

Do you believe that ACP Agordzor is being victimized? Share your thoughts below.

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