Efia Odo “cries” over Ghanaians attitude towards her dressing.

The actress and TV presenter, took to Twitter to vent her displeasure on the way people in the country criticize her for what she wears. She wanted people (Ghanaians) to be very supportive of her and stop criticizing her over trivial issues such as the clothes she wants to wear.

This is because a cross-section of Ghanaians rained insults on her for the gown she wore to the 2019 4stye Music Video Awards at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra.

The see-through gown caused a massive stir on social media. You could virtually see everything that she was wearing beneath the gown. This made some people chastise her for taking such an outfit to the program. To them, the dress was inappropriate and not something Efia Odo should be proud of wearing.

After seeing Ghanaians reaction to the dress she wore to the event last night, Efia took to twitter to express her displeasure over how some Ghanaians perceive her to be and take every opportunity to backlash her.

She tweeted ” I don’t disrespect anyone , I stay in my own lane doing things that makes ME happy. Sad how my own people don’t see the good in me. Hurts because I love y’all sooo much and you guys just throw stones at me each time. It’s all good tho, in the end I still have nothing but love”.

See video below:

She believes some Ghanaians are not being fair to her. Do you think she is right? Comment below:

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