Efia Odo says God is a female.

Actress and Tv presenter, Efia in a recent twitter post referred to God as she. She tweeted a photo of herself in a Garden. The caption that came with the tweet was “calling God, She put me on hold”.

The tweet sparked a debate among the followers of the actress. Some followers thought it was true while others believed that it was a false statement because God couldn’t be female.

This led to a back and forth argument between her followers. Some of them were giving reasons why God could be a female whiles others opposed to that school of thought.

a tweet to followers

One user commented that God could be female since he created both males and females in his own image. The user cited the book of Genesis as reference. This made another person draw the user’s attention to the pronouns that was used for God.

Judging from the actress’s background, it couldn’t have been an error. Besides she could have updated her post she wanted so her recent tweet is not a surprise to many. This is because the actress has a different opinion about God and religion.

The Tv presenter and model believes that each individual has his or her own views as to who God is. She also believes that Jesus is not God. From this point of view, we can say that Efia Odo did not make a mistake when she tweeted with that caption.

Efia Odo did not make any comment to her followers when the sought to correct her. Maybe she was enjoying the debate she started.

What do you think about the gender of God? Leave your comments below.

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