German Ambassador to Ghana hints at a “made in Ghana” Volkswagen.

The diplomat, Mr. Christoph Retzlaff has hinted in a post on twitter about a possible “Made in Ghana” car by Volkswagen in Ghana.

This was as a result of a reaction to a post by where it was revealed that the German Car makers had unvieled a “made in Rwanda” volkswagen.

Mr. Retzlaff tweeted “Great News. Soon we will see the first “made in Ghana” volkswagen here in Ghana with and Dendeon

The reason behind Mr. Christoph Retzlaf’s tweet is not yet known but since he is Germany’s Ambassodor, he might be privy to information about such as investment.

The Kigali assembly plant of the largest European manufacturer, Volkswagen, has started production of its vehicles this Wednesday, June 27. Several models will be assembled on this site with an initial target of 5000 vehicles per year that the manufacturer intended for the modest local Rwandan market by focusing on several urban mobility solutions. In the medium and long term, Volkswagen is targeting the regional market with other sites under construction in neighboring countries.

made in Rwanda

This will be a major boost to the economy if they really establish such a plant in Ghana. If Mr. Retzlaff words are anything to go by, then Ghana should expect a Volkswagen assemby plant here.

Do you think Ghana is ready for its assembly plant? post your comments below.

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