GFA decides: Kurt Okraku eleceted as new GFA president.

The Ghana Football Association has elected Mr. Kurt Okraku as the new FA President. Mr. Okraku will be incharge of football administration for the next four years.

Kurt had votes out of the 120 total votes cast. The election went to the second round after none of the candidates was able to obtain the 50% plus one vote. Mr. Kurt Okraku had 44 votes, Mr. George Afriyie had 40 votes, Mr. Fred Pappoe had 6 votes, Mr. Yaw Amponsah had 27 votes, Amanda Clinton 0 vote and Mr. George Ankomah Mensah also had 0 vote.

Ms. Amanda Clinton and Mr. George Ankomah were automatically eliminated from the race in the second round. Mr. Fred Pappoe also dropped out of the race and this meant, three candidates were left to contest at the second round.

In the second round, Mr. Kurt Okraku was able to garner 59 votes while Mr. Afriyie and Mr. Amponsah obtained 43 votes and 16 votes respectively. The 59 votes did not guarantee Kurt the win as it only represented 49.6% of the total votes which was less than the required 50% plus one vote.

The election had to go to another round to decide between Mr. Okraku and Mr. Afriyie. However, Mr. George Afriyie conceded defeat and congratulated Kurt as the winner.

As per the statutes of the GFA, Mr. Okraku could not be confirmed as the winner since he was unable to get the 50% plus one vote.

At the end of the third round of voting Mr. Kurt Okraku had 93 votes out of the 97 votes cast which represented 96% of the total votes. Mr. Okraku was declared the winner of the elections by the elections committee of the football association.

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