Ghanaians are disappointed in Politicians- Peace Council Chairman.

The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante has attributed people’s objections to policies of government over the years due to the behavior of politicians in the country. He said that some Ghanaians are disgusted by the way Politicians conduct themselves at the national level and hence the unwillingness of some people in the country to support policies introduced by these parties.

He was speaking on Kumasi based Radio station, Angel Fm when he made this pronouncement. He said it was high time all stakeholders sat down to address the challenges of party politics because if some people believe it is not good for political parties to be involved in the district level, then it has the tendency of threatening national politics.

The host, Kwame Tanko asked the clergyman if he was in support of the policy to allow political parties’ participation at the Assembly level elections, he said there was nothing wrong with it. This is because political parties were secretly involved with district-level elections even though the laws of the country frowns upon it.

He said, “as a former Assemblymember, I know what I am talking about. Party lines are already working in the Assembly elections. Just check the colours of the contestants and you will know”.

He ended by saying that whatever he said was his personal opinion and believes that political parties must come together and work for the common good of the country other than that, the people will one day reject them.

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