I will be hosting Cardi B – Shatta Wale.

The Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has revealed in an interview on Utv that he will be hosting Cardi B. The American singer and rapper is billed to perform in Ghana on December 8.

Shatta Wale together with other artists is also to perform on the same stage that day. Melissa hitmaker revealed that he has had a discussion with the promoter to allow him to host the rapper.

He said ” Cardi B is coming to Ghana and I believe I am going to host her. This is the first time I am telling anybody”.

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He discussed it with the promoters allow him to host Cardi B. “I told the promoters that I want to take it upon myself to host and show her Ghana. This is because she is one of my favorite female artists in America.”

He further added that Cardi B is his gangster part “Apart from Beyonce who is the queen-mother, Cardi B is my gangster part. She is coming to Ghana so people should watch out”.

We do not know how long Cardi B in the country after her show. Cardi will be going off to Nigeria on December 7. After the Nigeria trip, she will be in Ghana the following.

If Shatta Wale hosts Cardi then it is safe to say she will have one hell of a time. This is because the SM boss never disappoints.

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