Imported rice is still cheaper than local rice – John Dumelo.

Rice producers in the country for the past weeks have issued concerns on the low patronage of the local rice. According to them, the government should address this to boost their market share and the economy.

They attributed the influx of imported rice as the main reason for the low patronage. They want the government to put a ban on the importation of rice. This is because they could enough rice to feed the entire country.

Actor cum politician, John Dumelo has also expressed his opinions about the whole saga. He stated that Ghanaians inability to buy local rice is a result of the high price. He said that imported rice was still cheaper after duties charged.

” It will interest you to know that imported rice( after paying all the shipping and duties pop at the port) is still cheaper than our local rice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a farmer and a huge advocate for consumption of made in Ghana products but the patriotic patience of Ghanaians”.

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He attributed the high price to the cost of doing business as a farmer. ” I’m a pig farmer. Do you know how frustrating it is when my clients prefer imported pork because it’s cheaper? Cost of doing business as farmers in Ghana is high. From the feed to taxes to labour.”

He further stated that once imported rice is cheap that will always be the option for people. “One it is cheap it is the best”.

The Parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso west believes if the cost of doing business as a farmer is reduced, prices will be affected.

Do you believe that he is being objective or being a politician? Comment below:

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