John Dumelo pledges to donate 50% of his salary to Ayawaso youth.

Actor John Dumelo has pledged to donate 50% of his first-year salary and bonuses he receives as a Member of Parliament to the youth of Ayawaso West as development aid.

This pledge came about after a twitter follower replied to a to post about his willingness to continue the projects he is embarking on when he wins the seat in 2020 of which Mr. Dumelo answered that if he did not continue after becoming an M.P in 2020, he was going to lose 2024 elections. Another Twitter user was not impressed with his answer and tweeted ” Not. Best reply “if I don’t.” That 4 years in office can create a generational fortune for you. Tell them if you don’t. In your first year, they should take all your allowance n salaries and use it to develop.

Meaning 4 years was enough for John Dumelo to amass all the wealth he can in office and therefore losing 2024 elections wouldn’t be a big blow to him and therefore dared the actor cum politician the give his first-year salary and allowances for development.

John Dumelo’s reply was to pledge to give 50% of his first-year salary and bonuses to the youth of Ayawaso as development and added that he really meant it.

See tweets below:

Do you believe John Dumelo will be doing as he says or is just a political talk? Share your thoughts below.

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