John Dumelo trying hard to win votes in the 2020 elections.

Politicians will do anything to win votes and get elected into office. It seems actor John Dumelo is no exception. The actor is now the parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress in Ayawaso North.

After his elections at the NDC primaries, John Dumelo has kicked off his campaign to win the Ayawaso North constituency. He has also made several promises such as to his constituents.

It seems John Dumelo’s quest to win votes knows no boundary. A few weeks ago, he was spotted in town playing cards with some of his constituents.

A couple of weeks ago, Oswald’s popularity grew as his betting tips put money in people’s pockets. This made him an overnight celebrity and many on social media rooting for him. His fan base grew from a little over 30,000 to over 70,000 in less than a week.

His trends on social media lasted for at least three days. Some of these trends were #oswald2020, #oswald4president, #vote4oswald and many more.

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It seemed John Dumelo realized Ghanaian youth’s interest in sports betting and has also delved into it. Mr. Dumelo gave a tip to Oswald after he posted that people were taking out Chelsea from a tip he gave to his followers.

Oswald tweeted ” A lot of people are removing Chelsea. Dicey match”. John Dumelo replied to him by tweeting “Keep Chelsea. Do over 1.5 goals”.

John Dumelo wants a piece of the betting cake as he is now giving tips to the betting tipsters.

Do you think it the right move for John Dumelo to win the hearts of the youth? Leave your comments below.

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