KNUST students threaten to demonstrate against the mid-sem act.

Students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have expressed their displeasure at the Mid-Semester Break Act. The new act was the decision of the SRC parliamentary council of the university. It must be noted that the resolution of the SRC parliamentary council is binding on every student.

The new act stipulates that some activities in the school such as the college week celebrations and hall week celebrations.


“In the exercise of the powers conferred on the SRC Parliamentary Council by Article 37 of the SRC constitution, 2011 (as amended), this proposal is made.

1. There shall be a one-week break, each semester, after the mid-semester examination

2. The first one-week break in the first semester is reserved for Colleges to observe their College week celebration.

3. The second one-week break in the second semester is reserved for the celebrations of Hall of residence week.

4. All colleges and halls shall plan their college and hall weeks respectively, to fall within the stipulated dates for the one week break.

5. All College Associations and Halls are to submit a full plan of their activities for the academic year within the first month of the first semester to the Dean of Students,

(i)The plan of activities should be co-signed by the College or Hall President,

Secretary, Treasurer and Association Speaker of Parliament or Senate.

(ii) The activity plan should include a proposed timeline and schedule for all the activities in the academic year.”

official release by Knust SRC

This means that all college week celebrations will be held during the mid-sem break in the first semester. All Hall week celebrations will also be held in the second semester during the mid-sem break. Previously, colleges and halls in the university organized their week celebrations at different times.

This new act has angered some students and they have threatened to demonstrate if the act is not revoked. They expressed their disappointment in the SRC. This is because they believe that certain members of the school’s administration are behind this ACT.

It can be recalled that the KNUST went on a massive demonstration against the management of the University after they decided to implement certain decisions. One of the reasons for the demonstration on 22 October 2018, was management’s decision was for all halls/ college week celebrations to be held in one particular week.

The students believe that their reps (SRC) have turned their backs on them after they fought to make sure such a decision was reversed. They have therefore called on all stakeholders to ensure that this new directive is shredded.

If their pleas are not met, they are going to embark on a demonstration to show their displeasure.

What do you think about this new directive from the SRC? Leave your comments below.

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