Kotoro bought votes with waakye-Referee Osei Nsia

The Regional Football Association (RFA) elections was been successfully organised by the Normalization Committee (NC) today.

In the Ashanti Regional elections, the incumbent popularly known as Chairman Kotoro retained his seat after the votes were counted.

Chairman Kotoro had 41 votes out of the 71 votes cast representing 58% whiles his opponent Referee Osei Nsiah managed 29 votes representing 41%. There was only one rejected ballot and voter turnout was 97%

Mr. Osei Nsiah (Esq.) has alleged that he was in the pole position to have won the elections but Chairman Kotoro influenced the election by giving some of the delegates “waakye”. He believes that he believes that Chairman Kotoro’s gesture of buying “waakye” for the said delegates contributed to his loss in the Ashanti Region’s Football Association elections.

Speaking to King Eben on Silver FM in Kumasi, he insisted that he has accepted the outcome of the elections and further congratulated Chairman Kotoro eventhough he strongly feels that fairness was not observed.

The lawyer and former Referee said that he will go back to the drawing and prepare himself for the next elections and wishes his opponent all the best in the next four years.

Do you believe Mr. nsiah’s claim is legitimate and he is just a bad loser. Lets see your comments below.

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