Lord Kenya visits Okomfour Kwaadee at the rehab centre

In a piece of much needed good news, a video has emerged of Hiplife legend Okomfour Kwadee in a jubilant mood with Rapper turned Evangelist, Lord Kenya after the latter paid a visit to the former at his Rehab Center.

A few weeks ago, a very disturbing photo broke the internet of Okomfo Kwadee looking sickly and broken, a photo that broke many hearts considering how the musician wowed us in his heydays with his unique brand of hiplife.

There was suddenly a modicum of hope when it emerged that Evangelist Lord Kenya, himself arguably Ghana’s most prolific rapper in his music days until he abandoned the craft for the clerical, had announced his decision to sponsor the sick musician to a Rehab Centre.

In a video currently making rounds on social media, the two legends can be seen hugging each other and having a hearty chat about music in their heydays.

Lord Kenya is heard saying that Kwadee is his son who mentioned his (Lord Kenya’s) name in his (Kwadee’s) song back in the days. Kwadee immediately recollects the song and starts to sing that part.

Thankfully, Kwadee’s countenance is far better compared to when we first saw him in the disturbing photo a few days ago. Hopefully, he can regain his fitness of mind and bless our mics once again with his unique craft.lor


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