Minority MPs force their through Police to petition the Electoral Commission

The Minority MPs earlier this morning decided to match to the Electoral Commission’s office to petition them about certain irregularities during the December 7 elections.

Upon reaching the ridge roundabout, the police had erected barricade to prevent the Minority MPs from crossing. The MPs demanded to know the reasons for the Police stopping them and the Commander in charge stated that the MPs had no permit from the Police to embark on a demonstration.

The MPs in their defense, said it was rather a match and not a demonstration and it was their right to embark on a peaceful match.

The MPs forcefully pushed down the barricade and forced their way through the police resistance to continue their journey.

They again broke through the Police barricade in front of the Ridge Hospital to make their way to the premises of the Electoral Commission which was also under heavy police protection.

As at the time of filing this report, no EC official had come out to receive their petition.

The Minority leader, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu threatened to force their way into the offices if the any EC official refuses to come out and take their petition because he had earlier sent a letter to the EC of which the EC responded to receiving it.

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