Nana Aba shames colleagues over Aponkye’s interview.

The outspoken journalist spoke plainly when she tweeted that her colleagues in the media fraternity made a mockery of her when she interviewed Hon. Aponkye.

According to her, some presenters and journalists thought her interview with Hon. Aponkye was outside the bracket. This is due to the kind of personalities she had had on the State of Affairs show.

The questioned the motive behind the turn of events as everyone wants to interview Hon. Aponkye.

She tweeted “ Some presenters/journalists swore I stooped low by interviewing Aponkye on SOA (state of affairs). Now everyone is chasing him for an interview. What happened? Shameless condescending bunch of people. Moani na ewu”.

Hon. Aponkye became popular when he decided to contest to be an Assemblyman in the recent District Assembly elections. The main issue was not his intention to contest but had to do with his personality. Maybe he did not look like the normal gentleman Ghanaians expected people who vied for that office to be. Many people did not take him seriously.

Another reason that drew people’s attention to him was the name he used to contest. Known in real life as Ibrahim Issah Ampim, he preferred to use the name Aponkye (goat). He later revealed that his choice for that name was because a goat was a smart animal.

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Aside from this he also made “big” promises to members in his electoral area. He promised free breakfast every day for people in his community as well as 20 daily wages for the youth.

Hon. Aponkye

People (mostly on social media) eventually expected him to win, he lost the elections by getting 9% of the total votes cast.

Hon Aponkye has become a household name and it seems that most media houses would want to interview Hon. Aponkye and this is something that they were not willing to do 2 weeks ago.

This was they did not try to do in the past and mocked Nana Aba Anamoah for.

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