New Ghana Premier League balls cost less than Gh₵ 45.00

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) on Wednesday signed a football sponsorship deal with Macron Ghana. Macron is one of the leading sports kits producers in the world.

The three year contract which is worth Gh₵ 1.6 million will see to it that the Ghana Premier League, FA cup and Division One League are provided with enough balls beginning with the 2020/2021 season. That is 5000 balls per season for the next three years.

This should have been a great success for Ghana football. However, our research into the type of ball which was unveiled at the ceremony revealed that the Macron Degree XG was below the standard of football the country has been using for the past seasons.

Before the cancellation of the Premier League after Anas’ Expose, the Ghana Premier League used the Mitre football which was around Gh₵ 220. During the Normalization Commission’s Special Tournament, they contracted Kipster to provide footballs which was also selling at around Gh₵ 140 on the global market.

A search for the actual cost of the Macron Degree XG football revealed that it only cost around £ 5.5 which is less than Gh₵ 45.

The question that remains is why would the GFA enter into an agreement to provide sub standard footballs for its competitions.

The contract’s worth of Gh₵ 1.6 million for 15000 footballs (i.e. 5000 per season for 3 years) should have provided some of Macron’s finest footballs. Also, why should the various competitions use training footballs for matchdays rather than match balls? This is because there is a vast difference between training balls and match balls and the Macron Degree XG is a training ball.

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