No LGBTQI+ will be harassed under my watch – Leila Djansi

Ghanaian film maker Leila Djansi has thrown her support for the LGBTQI+ community after the brouhaha with the bill yet to be passed in the Ghanaian Parliament.

According to her the LGBTQI+ was under oppression and she would do anything in her power to defend them.

“ Monday morning and somewhere in Ghana, land of my parents, school kids are singing:

God bless our homeland Ghana
And make our nation great and strong
BOLD to defend forever

The cause of Freedom and of Right.

Fill our hearts with true humility

Make us cherish fearless honesty,

And help us to resist oppressors’ rule
With all our will and might evermore.

Here’s to constantly using my voice and platform to defend and speak up for the oppressed. Bring on the name calling. I am made of strong stuff!

No one will be killed, maimed, beaten or oppressed on my watch.

When you choose to fight for what’s right and for the oppressed, people will call you names, brand you, abuse you… heck, they killed Jesus.

They killed MLK, they distabilized Kwame Nkrumah, they imprisoned Nelson Mandela.
But still, they thrived and today, we all reap the fruits of their sacrifice.
Don’t sit on the sidelines if you can swing a sword on the battlefield. #onward!”

Ghanaians who saw her post on Facebook did not take it lightly as she received backlash from most of them.


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