Serwaa Amihere appalled by Kapito’s utterances.

GhOne’s news anchor Serwaa Amihere has taken to twitter to vent her anger on Mr. Kofi Kapito on the “disturbing” comments he made about her backside at the just ended RTP Awards 2019.

Mr. Kofi Kapito made a comment about Serwaa’s behind when he came on stage to present an award after Serwaa Amihere had left the stage.

He Stated ” eii Serwaa Amihere, look at your butt. Nice!” and then continued to his presentation of the award.

Serwaa Amihere who was not pleased about the comments by Mr. Kapito, posted a video of him (Kofi Kapito) making such statement and captioned it “I had so much respect for Mr. Kofi Kapito. This is a classic case of sexual harassment. I’m appalled by his utterances. This was needless and completely disrectful.

It seems Mr. Kapito’s comment really disburbed the young news anchor. A section of the fans also believes that Serwaa Amihere could have gone directly to the Mr. Kapito to register her displeasure about his comments about her since they were in the same room rather than twitter.

Sources close to Mr. Kapito have confrimed that he did not make that statement to sexually harrassed the young lady and he was looking for a way to contact her and apologise.

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