Shatta Wale assaults an upcoming artiste after taking his song. [video]

Shatta Movement has allegedly assaulted an upcoming artist and his manager after Shatta Wale was accused of doing wrong. In a video going viral on social media the artiste, who goes by the name, Kweku Smoke was spotted in a series of videos accusing the ‘Borjor’ hitmaker of beating him (Smoke) and his manager after they went to his house to settle a misunderstanding between them.

Kweku Smoke accused some Ghanaians of condoning evil when the truth was staring them in the face. He said people were insulting him and not even checking the facts to see if there was any truth to what he was saying. He started by saying in pidgin “some of we Ghanaians, we dey part people dey behave the way dem dey behave”.

It is unclear as to what led Shatta Wale to assault but it has something to do with Kweku Smoke’s new song “on dem”. According to him, SM fans were trying to deny the fact that he had had contact with Shatta Wale but he showed video evidence of Shatta Wale and him in a studio where Shatta was seen banging his head in appreciation to his song.

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Smoke said that he was not accusing the SM boss for hype or for anything but rather what Shatta Wale did really hurt him. He further revealed that a “big person” approached him asked him to settle the issue between him and Shatta Wale and when he together with his manager went to Shatta Wale’s house, he [Shatta Wale]organized some thugs to beat his manager and him while Shatta Wale was recording it. He dared Shatta to post the video if he was a man.

In the video, the guy could be seen with a bandage on his left arm, a brace around his neck and a swollen left eye which was really difficult for him to fully open.

He also accused the Shatta Wale of damaging his Mercedez Benz and threatened to deal with Shatta Wale. “we all dey this country, we go see”.

Some people commented on social media that if what he was saying was true he should have reported it to the police rather than making a video and posting it to social media.

Kweku Smoke has a feature with Sarkodie on the track “Yedin”.

Watch the videos below:

first video
2nd video
last video

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