Shatta Wale criticizes government for ‘Year of Return’ failure.

Charles Nii Armah a.k.a Shatta Wale has criticized the government on the failure of the Year of return. He stated the declaration of the ‘Year of Return’ was not successful. Shatta Attributed this to the government’s failure to educate the masses about the ‘Year of Return.

“We’ve failed to educate the country about this ‘year of return’. So I don’t see anything going on. This is because the government has failed to educate the people. When there is a celebration in a particular country, it is everywhere”.

The Borjor hitmaker said that the lack of sensitization has resulted in low publicity. “In other countries, you go to hotels, people are talking about it. It is on the street. People are making money off it. But Ghana is the same way we know it. everyone is doing their own thing. You don’t see ‘trotro’ drivers branding their vehicles ‘year of return’. You don’t see any banners in town. It is just a few people in the country who are benefiting.

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He advised the government to educate the people because the people can have a direct impact. “Next time I feel the government should really educate the government about it. This is because it is the people who can make money from. If the people make money the pressure on the government is reduced. But now there is pressure in the system that people are not even understanding what the ‘year of return’ is’. This is because they have no idea about the initiative.

He said that all the people who are coming into the country should not just visit the presidency and CapeCoast. They should have an engagement with the local people.

It is Shatta Wale’s assertion that the ‘Year of Return’ initiative by the government has failed.

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