Shatta Wale mocks Kantanka’s ‘Caraeroplane’.

Shatta Wale in a facebook live post gave his opinion on the latest Kantanka invention. On 29th December, 2019, Kantanka unveiled his latest addition to the list of mind blowing inventions in the past.

The new invention was a vehicle which was shaped liked an aeroplane. There were mixed reactions to the new automobile. People thought latest invention was a misplaced priority because not many people could afford that vehicle. People entreated Apostle Sarfo Kantanka to make cars that ordinary Ghanaians could afford.

Shatta Wale has also expressed his opinion on the issue during a snap video he shared with his followers. According to the Borjor hit maker, he was vexed when he first saw the caraeroplane.

He said that he did not understand why Apostle Sarfo would use valuable resources to make a car which was of no use to anyone in the country. He said he should have used the materials to instead make pressing iron because people need to iron their shirts.

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He went on to make fun of the automobile by saying that the the wings on the side looked like a hand drier. He added that the car could be compared to something he used to see in cartoons in 1994.

He adviced kantanka to make things that were worthy so that the people and the government could take him serious.

Do you agree with the SM boss about Kantanka’s latest invention? Leave your comments below.

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