Stop buying Instagram “likes”- Akuapem Poolo.

Akuapem Poolo released a video showing concerns about Instagram’s decision to hide likes on posts. She said should have preferred it if the comment section was rather taken off. This is because they needed to see how many people like their post.

She later turned to switch to commend Instagram for the smart move because they realized that people were buying like. Akuapem Poloo said that it was crazy how people could get about 1000 likes within a few seconds of posting something. “But Instagram too you are smart oo. You realized people have been buying the likes. Because how can one person post something and under 2 seconds they will get 60k”.

She blamed those buying Instagram likes for the company’s decision to hide them. The social media influencer further encouraged them to use the monies they spend on buying likes to take care of their kids. ” Guys now you have to save your money. The money you have been using to buy likes for your kids. Credit cards you have been using to buy likes. Why? Now because of you we cannot see our likes again.

The Actress went on to make up of those who were going to be affected by Instagrams decision to hide the likes. “Instagram, people will die oo. E dey pain you. Stop buying likes”, she ended.

Poloo is noted for attacking other celebrities but it not clear who this was going out to.

Watch video below:

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