High Court orders striking teachers to call off the strike.

The Industrial and Labour Division of the Accra High court has ordered the all three Teacher Associations to call off the strike. The National Labour Commission has sought for an interlocutory injunction on their strike.

The Court which was presided over by Justice Aikens has asked all teacher to resume their post the various schools immediately.

In its ruling on an ex-parte motion applied for by the NLC, the High Court has ordered the teachers to go back to class, adding the order be for 10 days after which it may be repeated on notice.

The three Associations (Gnat, Nagrat, CCT) have also been ordered by the court to also comply with the directives of the National Labour Commission.


On December 5, Ghana National Association of Teachers, National Association of Graduate Teachers and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers declared a strike action. This strike took effect on Monday, December 9.

The National Labour Commission declared the teachers intent to strike as illegal. The Teachers’ associations called the bluff of the commission and proceeded to strike on Monday.

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This is the reason why the Labour Commission has sought an injunction on the strike.

Meanwhile, the President of NAGRAT, Angel Carbonu has said his members would return to the classroom following the court order, reports say.

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We will employ new teachers if strike continues – GES Council Chairman warn.

Ghana Education Service (GES) Council Chairman (Michael Nsowah) has warned striking teachers to go back to the classroom. According to Mr Nsowah, the Labour Commission has declared the strike by GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT as illegal.

He said that teachers have a contractual obligation to teach children who are currently in various public schools. He said that since the Labour Commission sees their strike as illegal, it would be better for them to go back to the classroom.

He made this pronouncement on Adom Fm’s Dwaso Nsem. When asked about what the GES was doing about the current situation, Mr Nsowah said they are collecting data to find out the teachers who are not performing on the job.

He called on all headmaster to do discharge their responsibilities by reporting any teacher who had been absent or refusing to teach.

The Council Chairman further added that there many graduate teachers with certificates looking for jobs. The GES will consider replacing any teacher who refuses to work.

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“We are still monitoring the situation and if they still continue with their strike action, we will then be forced to recruit new teachers,” repeated Mr Nsowah.

Three teacher unions, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) on December 5, 2019, warned the GES of possible strike action if the state failed to pay salary arrears owed its members.

Teachers who were interviewed by our outfit said Mr Nsowah was bluffing. This is because their decision to strike is backed by law and also it will be difficult to replace the over 200,000 teachers in the country.

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GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT to go on strike on Monday.

Members of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) and Coalition of Concerned Teachers have announced a strike action beginning Monday, 9th December 2019.

This decision came as a result of the government’s failure to pay them some arrears which have accrued since 2012. The General Secretary of GNAT who was speaking on Angel Fm stated that they have engaged government on many occasions but has proved futile. He said the government had ignored all their pleas.

They then gave the government an ultimatum which is today, th December 2019 to address the issie and pay the monies due them.

They have therefore decided to use this strike action to let the government know how serious they are. According to the General Secretary the strike will begin on Monday.

He advised all the members of these Associations to make sure they do not report to work on Monday until their demands are met.

“No teacher should go to school until the money hit the account”.

This strike action will affect both teachers basic schools and the secondary schools.

In a time where secondary schools are using the double track system, this will go a long way to affect the current group of students in the various institution.

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KNUST students threaten to demonstrate against the mid-sem act.

Students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have expressed their displeasure at the Mid-Semester Break Act. The new act was the decision of the SRC parliamentary council of the university. It must be noted that the resolution of the SRC parliamentary council is binding on every student.

The new act stipulates that some activities in the school such as the college week celebrations and hall week celebrations.


“In the exercise of the powers conferred on the SRC Parliamentary Council by Article 37 of the SRC constitution, 2011 (as amended), this proposal is made.

1. There shall be a one-week break, each semester, after the mid-semester examination

2. The first one-week break in the first semester is reserved for Colleges to observe their College week celebration.

3. The second one-week break in the second semester is reserved for the celebrations of Hall of residence week.

4. All colleges and halls shall plan their college and hall weeks respectively, to fall within the stipulated dates for the one week break.

5. All College Associations and Halls are to submit a full plan of their activities for the academic year within the first month of the first semester to the Dean of Students,

(i)The plan of activities should be co-signed by the College or Hall President,

Secretary, Treasurer and Association Speaker of Parliament or Senate.

(ii) The activity plan should include a proposed timeline and schedule for all the activities in the academic year.”

official release by Knust SRC

This means that all college week celebrations will be held during the mid-sem break in the first semester. All Hall week celebrations will also be held in the second semester during the mid-sem break. Previously, colleges and halls in the university organized their week celebrations at different times.

This new act has angered some students and they have threatened to demonstrate if the act is not revoked. They expressed their disappointment in the SRC. This is because they believe that certain members of the school’s administration are behind this ACT.

It can be recalled that the KNUST went on a massive demonstration against the management of the University after they decided to implement certain decisions. One of the reasons for the demonstration on 22 October 2018, was management’s decision was for all halls/ college week celebrations to be held in one particular week.

The students believe that their reps (SRC) have turned their backs on them after they fought to make sure such a decision was reversed. They have therefore called on all stakeholders to ensure that this new directive is shredded.

If their pleas are not met, they are going to embark on a demonstration to show their displeasure.

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12-year old admitted in the University of Ghana.

Viemens Bamfo, a 12 year old boy has been admitted in the Univeristy of Ghana to pursue a course in Public Administration.

The boy has been home schooled by his father for all his academic life due to financial difficulties. This means Viemens Bamfo did not attend any primary, Junior or Senior High School.

He registered for the Private Wassce and passed with flying colours. He applied to the University of Ghana Distance Education and was accepted and enrolled at the University to study Public Administration.

Viemens is not the first to get home schooled in his family. His father explained that due to financial constraints, he had to take it upon himself to teach his children in the house. Viemens elder sister was also home-schooled.

Home schooling is not a popular way of education in Ghana as compared to other advanced countries but Mr. Bamfo has defied all odds to take give this type of education to his children.

At the age of 12, Viemens has earned admission to Ghana’s premier University and this is a milestone as majority of people who get admitted into any University must have been 18 years and above if they passed through the normal ranks of our education system which begins at primary school at the age of 6.

Asked of his aspirations, Viemens stated that he wants to be the president of Ghana at the age of 40. President Akuffo Addo and Former president Barak Obama are his role models.

We wish Viemens all the best in his pursuits at the University.

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Academic activities come to a halt at KTI.

Students of the Kumasi Technical Institution have vandalized sections of the school and other assets belonging to staff members of the school. The riot occured when the Senior Housemaster and other school authorities decided to prevent some students from wearing unprescribed uniforms to class.

The students who were mainly in their final year who took offence to the authorities approach to ensure discipline went on rampage in the school and this led to destruction of school’s properties.

The Police at Manhyia Divisional command had to come in to restore peace in the school. The Police has started investigations and ten (10) students have been rounded up.

According to the Divisional Commander, the properties destroyed include cars, louvre blades, air conditioners, glass doors and the school’s notice board.

As at Tuesday, the Police is still at the campus to ensure peace and academic activities have come to a stand still as most of the students and teachers are out of the school fearing another attack.

This is not the first time students of Kumasi Technical Institute have embarked on a rampage that has led to destruction of properties.

In 2017, according to graphic.com.gh, the students were involved in a similar incident after a confrontation with the police on their school’s premises. In that incident, the students who were returning from Ashanti Regional Inter schools sports games blocked the road leading to the school and created traffic congestion. In an attempt to free the road for traffic flow, the police were called in to restore order and it led into a confrontation which spread onto the campus.

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