Fan calls Sarkodie’s wife a villager and an arrogant fool.

Sarkodie and his wife Tracy Sarkcess have been branded unsupportive by a fan on twitter. It all started when Tracy made a tweeted about the state of the Ghanaian music.

She said that Ghanaians should continue to support local artiste because a majority of them were doing everything on their own.

” So please guys let’s big up a lot of our Ghanaian artistes because they are doing this alone with mostly no help but just pure talent. Hardly anyone invest in them although we got so many rich ppl in this country and no industry structure!”.

This angered a fan who thought if rich people could help in the music industry, then Sarkodie and his wife (Tracy) should also help other artistes.

The fan quizzed Tracy as to how many artists they have signed on their record label. “aren’t You rich too??? How many artists do you have on your record label?”

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Tracy later replied to the comment by the fan by stating that she doesn’t know if she and her husband were rich.

Another fan took the opportunity to insult the first lady of Sarkcess Music by calling her a villager and arrogant. “When a Villager becomes rich and acts as an Arrogant fool .. Sark must leave your ass”.

Other fans came in to defend Tracy whiles others also took advantage of the situation to criticize her and her husband.

See pics:

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Watch: Stonebwoy honoured by Billboard – see full details.

stonebwoy gets billboard plaque

Bhim Nation boss Stonebwoy has received an official plaque from Billboard for his part contribution to Sizzla Kalonji’s ‘I’m Yours’ album.

Stonebwoy a.k.a 1Gad had the opportunity to work with the Jamaican artiste on a song titled Shoot Yuh. The album peaked at no. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts.

As a normal tradition, Billboard gives recognition to artistes and producers of songs and albums that make it to their charts. Since the album peak at no. 2, Stonebwoy has received his plaque.

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Recognition by Billboard is a big deal because it is the biggest music ranking agency in the world. Making it to the Billboard Charts means that a song or album is doing well in terms of sales, streaming, and airplay.

Stonebwoy becomes the first Ghanaian to receive a plaque of recognition from Billboard.

After receiving the plaque, Stonebwoy expressed his delight and appreciation to Sizzla. “Big ups to Sizzla. This is for Jamaica, this is for Ghana, this is for Africa.

Congratulations to Stonebwoy on this impressive achievement.

Watch the video below:

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Beyonce is coming to Ghana but not to perform.

Beyonce Knowles will be coming to Ghana during the Christmas holidays. Her visit is part of a planned scheduled to be part of the country’s Year of Return celebrations.

Rumors have it that Beyonce will be headlining a concert during her visit. Information reaching us is that the American songstress will be in the country solely for the holidays.

The multiple Grammy award winner will be flying down to the West African country with her family. According to sources she is not going to perform but rather enjoy her holidays with family.

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This means that all advertisements for any Beyonce concert in Ghana should be disregarded.

There has been an official release from the singer’s quarters to debunk any rumors of an intended show in Ghana. So anyone who has bought any ticket for a show
The singer only plans to spend the Christmas holidays and the New Year in Ghana.

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I wasn’t aware I had a ‘meet and greet’ – Cardi B explains.

Cardi B landed in Ghana for her show at the Accra Sports Stadium early Sunday morning. Unknowing to her, the promoters had scheduled a meet and greet with other Ghanaian celebrities.

After waiting for Cardi for hours, some of the celebrities vented their anger for being stood up. These issues went round and Cardi B also came across it.

In her defense, she said she was not aware that there was any arrangement for a meet and greet. This means that her inability to meet these celebrities was not intentional.

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She made a live video on Twitter to explain issues to her followers. According to her, she was making plans to meet them after her make up session.

Cardi B also promised to make it up to them after the show in Ghana. “I wasn’t aware I had a meet and greet but since I do have one, you see my team working. I am about to go downstairs, baby. We are about to turn it up. And after the meet and greet I am gonna talk to my fans and after that am gonna go to my show”.

She continued by saying that she will go to a club after her show and sponsor her fans to ‘chill’ in her session.


Cardi B snubs Ghanaian Celebrities at Kempinski Hotel.

Cardi B arrived in Ghana from Nigeria early Sunday morning at Kempinski Hotel in Accra. Many celebrities in Ghana claimed that they receive an invitation for a meet and greet session with the American rapper.

Some of them accepted the invitation to meet the Hollywood icon and were expected at around 13:00 hrs GMT. After hours of waiting for Cardi, she did not show up,

They were later told that she would be available to meet them at 8:30 in the evening. Some of the celebrities felt disappointed at the turn around of the events and expressed their displeasure.

Afia Schwarzenegger was one of the celebrities who received the invitation to meet Cardi. According to her what Cardi did was a total disrespect to Ghanaians.

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She said that Cardi was being disrespectful to them and Ghanaians should do well to stay away from her show.

They complained about the fact that Cardi was at the poolside of Kempinski Hotel chewing “Kebab” whiles they were waiting for her.

Other celebrities who were around also expressed their disappointment in Cardi and the lack of respect she showed.

These celebrities have now been a subject of ridicule on social media.

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Efia Odo is not the owner of the wine shop – Afia Schwar.

The popular Actress and Comedienne, Afia Schwar has revealed that Efia Odo is not the owner of the wine shop as made to believe. According to her, Odo is just a manager of the wine shop. “sister Efia is a manager, not a CEO.

She revealed that the owner of the wine shop has allowed her (Odo) to run the company because of her popularity.

Therefore Efia Odo’s claim that she cannot afford a car because of the shop couldn’t be true. She said a post by Shatta Wale on Instagram drew her attention to the fact that Efia Odo is rather a manager and not the owner.

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In the post, Shatta wrote ” Once again I will like to thank the manager of @southafrica_winesgh madam @efia_odo for such a great time at her newly opened wine shop. Thank you, dear ❤️”.

The comedienne went further to troll Efia Odo for misleading people to believe the wine shop belonged to her.

The fact that Efia Odo is the manager does not imply that she does not have any stake in the company. It could be a partnership where the one with the majority stake is regarded as the owner.

Efia Odo is yet to respond to these allegations raised by Afia Schwar.

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Efia Odo says God is a female.

Actress and Tv presenter, Efia in a recent twitter post referred to God as she. She tweeted a photo of herself in a Garden. The caption that came with the tweet was “calling God, She put me on hold”.

The tweet sparked a debate among the followers of the actress. Some followers thought it was true while others believed that it was a false statement because God couldn’t be female.

This led to a back and forth argument between her followers. Some of them were giving reasons why God could be a female whiles others opposed to that school of thought.

a tweet to followers

One user commented that God could be female since he created both males and females in his own image. The user cited the book of Genesis as reference. This made another person draw the user’s attention to the pronouns that was used for God.

Judging from the actress’s background, it couldn’t have been an error. Besides she could have updated her post she wanted so her recent tweet is not a surprise to many. This is because the actress has a different opinion about God and religion.

The Tv presenter and model believes that each individual has his or her own views as to who God is. She also believes that Jesus is not God. From this point of view, we can say that Efia Odo did not make a mistake when she tweeted with that caption.

Efia Odo did not make any comment to her followers when the sought to correct her. Maybe she was enjoying the debate she started.

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Wendy Shay trolled for getting lyrics wrong. (video)

Afro-Pop sensation and VGMA new artiste of the year, Wendy Shay has been trolled by fans after a video of her circulated on social media. In the said video, Wendy was seen in a church singing the popular song, “Ancient of days”.

Whiles singing Wendy missed the lyrics to the song. At the part which was sung”as old as you are”, Wendy Shay said, ” how old are you are”. Fans on Twitter went crazy and started trolling the RuffTown Records artiste.

They said she should have learnt the lyrics or better sung a song she really knew how to sing. This is because she should have that what she sang did not make any sense.

One twitter user by the name Osu Sarkodie tweeted ” part time christian You wan fight full time devil….Wendy Shay Neva dey disappoint ” which was in relation to Kofi Kinaata’s lyrics in his latest “things fall apart”.

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Others tried to give explanations that she wanted to use that medium to ask the age of God whiles others also complained about Wendy Shay always being in the news for the wrong reasons.

Watch the video below:

See some tweets below:

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Efia Odo “cries” over Ghanaians attitude towards her dressing.

The actress and TV presenter, took to Twitter to vent her displeasure on the way people in the country criticize her for what she wears. She wanted people (Ghanaians) to be very supportive of her and stop criticizing her over trivial issues such as the clothes she wants to wear.

This is because a cross-section of Ghanaians rained insults on her for the gown she wore to the 2019 4stye Music Video Awards at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra.

The see-through gown caused a massive stir on social media. You could virtually see everything that she was wearing beneath the gown. This made some people chastise her for taking such an outfit to the program. To them, the dress was inappropriate and not something Efia Odo should be proud of wearing.

After seeing Ghanaians reaction to the dress she wore to the event last night, Efia took to twitter to express her displeasure over how some Ghanaians perceive her to be and take every opportunity to backlash her.

She tweeted ” I don’t disrespect anyone , I stay in my own lane doing things that makes ME happy. Sad how my own people don’t see the good in me. Hurts because I love y’all sooo much and you guys just throw stones at me each time. It’s all good tho, in the end I still have nothing but love”.

See video below:

She believes some Ghanaians are not being fair to her. Do you think she is right? Comment below:


Yvonne Nelson’s hypocrisy revealed by an investigative journalist.

Investigative Journalist, Kiki Mordi, known for the “sex for grades” expose has criticized Actress Yvonne Nelson for being a hypocrite because she did not back her talk with actions.

This is because the Actress posted a sexually seductive picture of herself on twitter. This shouldn’t have been a problem but the Kiki Mordi posted an old tweet of the the Actress (Yvonne Nelson). In the said tweet, Yvonne Nelson talked about how sex was traded for everything in our part of the world including sex for grades.

The multiple award winning actress further stated in the post that girls were now exposing body parts on social media rather than covering themselves because it was what people want. The tweet read “Sex for grade! Sex for jobs! Sex for everything in our part of the world! Your brains don’t matter here. It’s the covered parts they want, oh wait these parts aren’t covered anymore… it’s free on social media. Will it ever change?”

Kiki Mordi referred to this post by the Actress and compared it to the her the photo she posted recently with the caption “This is how you know people just talk to talk.”

Kiki wasn’t impressed with the double standards of the actress because she was surprised that someone who was preaching against exposing body parts on social media a couple of months ago just to turn and practice what she talked against.

See the the said picture below:

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Shatta Wale assaults an upcoming artiste after taking his song. [video]

Shatta Movement has allegedly assaulted an upcoming artist and his manager after Shatta Wale was accused of doing wrong. In a video going viral on social media the artiste, who goes by the name, Kweku Smoke was spotted in a series of videos accusing the ‘Borjor’ hitmaker of beating him (Smoke) and his manager after they went to his house to settle a misunderstanding between them.

Kweku Smoke accused some Ghanaians of condoning evil when the truth was staring them in the face. He said people were insulting him and not even checking the facts to see if there was any truth to what he was saying. He started by saying in pidgin “some of we Ghanaians, we dey part people dey behave the way dem dey behave”.

It is unclear as to what led Shatta Wale to assault but it has something to do with Kweku Smoke’s new song “on dem”. According to him, SM fans were trying to deny the fact that he had had contact with Shatta Wale but he showed video evidence of Shatta Wale and him in a studio where Shatta was seen banging his head in appreciation to his song.

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Smoke said that he was not accusing the SM boss for hype or for anything but rather what Shatta Wale did really hurt him. He further revealed that a “big person” approached him asked him to settle the issue between him and Shatta Wale and when he together with his manager went to Shatta Wale’s house, he [Shatta Wale]organized some thugs to beat his manager and him while Shatta Wale was recording it. He dared Shatta to post the video if he was a man.

In the video, the guy could be seen with a bandage on his left arm, a brace around his neck and a swollen left eye which was really difficult for him to fully open.

He also accused the Shatta Wale of damaging his Mercedez Benz and threatened to deal with Shatta Wale. “we all dey this country, we go see”.

Some people commented on social media that if what he was saying was true he should have reported it to the police rather than making a video and posting it to social media.

Kweku Smoke has a feature with Sarkodie on the track “Yedin”.

Watch the videos below:

first video
2nd video
last video

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Akuapem Poloo apologises to Afia Odo and other stars.

Social media icon, Akuapem Poloo has apologised to Nana Ama McBrown, Afia Odo and any other stars she has slandered to get to the top.

She said this on the United Show on Utv (a show hosted by Nana Ama McBrown) when she was invited as a guest to discuss issues relating to social media craze.

She said her intention for attacking other celebrities was for attention because she needed a way to make a living on social media and felt that talking about other celebrities brought the kind of publicity she needed.

Akuapem Poloo also known as Rosemond Brown, said during the show that she has regretted doing that and has put a stop to that behavior. She said for sometime now she has not called out any celebrity on any issue and confirmed that she is now using her page for business purposes.

At the end of the show, Rosemond went on her knees to apologise to Afia Odo (who was also a guest on the show that night) and every celebrity she has lambasted on her way to stardom including the host herself, Nana Ama McBrown.

Do you believe that Akuapem Poloo truly regrets her actions against these celebs. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Shatta Wale jabs Sarkodie over thisisTema Concert.

Shattawale took to twitter to subliminaly throw shades at Sarkodie over his recent concert in Tema. The show was attended by thousands of people and will go into history as one of the biggest shows in the country.

This led to the show trending on twitter and the hype and praises that was showered to Obodi for that intiative in Tema alone got the Borjor hitmaker talking.

Shatta Wale in a series of twitter post, express his views on the whole hype and trend.

In the first post that caught our attention, Shatta Tweeted, “First they were pretending they don’t perform for free but Ghanaians are just like security cameras they are watching and recording all these Free street shows they putting up.. shatta movement No size #Prophecy“. This means that King Sark had previously rejected performing free but has now organized a free show.

Later on he tweeted” Our Gh music industry is just like marriage ,many have problem in their homes but come out smiling to us as if everything is alright ..My friend you deceiving yourself !!!! “

And then ” Now the “local champions”formula is what they are studying not even in school but in their homes with studies teachers.

last tweet on the said issue
2nd tweet
1st tweet

Do you think Shatta Wale is being petty or speaking the truth.

Miss Commonwealth Ghana beauty pageant contestant beaten by juju man over Ghc 500

In a facebook post of one Kojo Amo , a former conestant of ‘ Miss Commonwealth Ghana ‘ beauty pageant was physically assaulted with a cutlass by a juju man for allegedly stealing Ghc 500 during their stay in the house.

According to the contestant whose identity is yet to be disclosed , the CEO of ‘Miss Commonwealth Ghana ‘ beauty pageant was the one who sent the contestants to the juju man to know the thief after a contestant’s Ghc 500 got missing from the house during the stay.

So unfortunately for her , the juju man pointed her out as the thief after taking them through a test . He instructed her to go naked and beat her with a cutlass leaving her with scars.

Read the full post below.

“This is a sad story from a past contestant of Miss Commonwealth Ghana……..the write up below is from the horse’s own mouth

I contested for Miss Commonwealth Ghana which was held of the 7th september. During our stay in the pageant house,one contestant’s 500 cedis got missing, my SIM card got chewed and my mobile money pin code got changed. The pageant is over and I made it to Top 5 and this automatically means I have a contract with them. I was called by the CEO on Sunday 6th October to come to her house on Monday Morning to talk about my trip to UK. I got to the CEO house and she said we going to koforidua to find out who took the money. We got to koforidua and mind you it’s a juju man’s house. A very big house with 2 different fence wall . We were 10 in number and the juju man gave us an egg to with powder to throw if you are innocent yours will break but if not yours will turn out cooked I did and mine turned out cooked. I was asked to naked myself by the juju man and he started beating me with Cutlass and put my finger into a boiling oil after given an egg to swear not to tell any third party if I do I will die.

Miss Christabel Osei Agyeman , a second runner up of the pageant spoke about the allegations. She said as far as she is concerned , Miss Commonwealth has brought her a lot of job oppoortunities so she has no problemm concerning the allegations . she went on further to say that since only one person has come out with the allgation the public should not heed to it.

Serwaa Amihere appalled by Kapito’s utterances.

GhOne’s news anchor Serwaa Amihere has taken to twitter to vent her anger on Mr. Kofi Kapito on the “disturbing” comments he made about her backside at the just ended RTP Awards 2019.

Mr. Kofi Kapito made a comment about Serwaa’s behind when he came on stage to present an award after Serwaa Amihere had left the stage.

He Stated ” eii Serwaa Amihere, look at your butt. Nice!” and then continued to his presentation of the award.

Serwaa Amihere who was not pleased about the comments by Mr. Kapito, posted a video of him (Kofi Kapito) making such statement and captioned it “I had so much respect for Mr. Kofi Kapito. This is a classic case of sexual harassment. I’m appalled by his utterances. This was needless and completely disrectful.

It seems Mr. Kapito’s comment really disburbed the young news anchor. A section of the fans also believes that Serwaa Amihere could have gone directly to the Mr. Kapito to register her displeasure about his comments about her since they were in the same room rather than twitter.

Sources close to Mr. Kapito have confrimed that he did not make that statement to sexually harrassed the young lady and he was looking for a way to contact her and apologise.

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