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stonebwoy gets billboard plaque

Bhim Nation boss Stonebwoy has received an official plaque from Billboard for his part contribution to Sizzla Kalonji’s ‘I’m Yours’ album.

Stonebwoy a.k.a 1Gad had the opportunity to work with the Jamaican artiste on a song titled Shoot Yuh. The album peaked at no. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts.

As a normal tradition, Billboard gives recognition to artistes and producers of songs and albums that make it to their charts. Since the album peak at no. 2, Stonebwoy has received his plaque.

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Recognition by Billboard is a big deal because it is the biggest music ranking agency in the world. Making it to the Billboard Charts means that a song or album is doing well in terms of sales, streaming, and airplay.

Stonebwoy becomes the first Ghanaian to receive a plaque of recognition from Billboard.

After receiving the plaque, Stonebwoy expressed his delight and appreciation to Sizzla. “Big ups to Sizzla. This is for Jamaica, this is for Ghana, this is for Africa.

Congratulations to Stonebwoy on this impressive achievement.

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Rapper Lasmid Kela crowned the winner of Hitmaker season 8.

hitmaker season 8

Fante rap prince Lasmid Kela has been crowned the winner of Mtn Hitmaker season 8 last night. This year’s finale came on at the Fantasy Dome.

The night saw impressive performances from all the contestants. Lasmid beat off competition from the other three contestants.

This season of Hitmaker was very competitive and all contestants gave their best.

Takoradi based rapper Kela the charger took the enviable title as the winner of Mtn hitmaker season 8. The win comes with GH¢ 120,000.00 record deal.

Kela the charger

Kofi Pages took the 2nd position and was given GH¢ 20,000.00 cash prize whiles rapper Alibaba occupied the 3rd position also winning a cash prize of GH¢ 15,000.00.

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The only female left standing, Nassar took the fourth position and she walked away with GH¢10,000.

The night saw scintillating performances from other artistes who were past contestants of the show such as Kidi, Mr. Drew and many more.

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Shatta Wale reveals his favorite Stonebwoy song at Ashaiman to the world concert 2019.

Shatta Wale surprised Bhim Nation fans at the Ashaiman to the world concert organized by Stonebwoy. The former ‘enemies’ performed on stage together. During Shatta Wale’s Performance, he revealed one of Stonebwoy’s songs really touched his heart.

He said “tomorrow” by Stonebwoy is his favorite song because it really touched his heart when he first listened to it. Shatta Wale went on to rain praises on his new friend for such a song.

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The two after settling their misunderstanding have become the best of friends. The Bhim nation fans gave Shatta Wale a warm reception at Ashaiman. There was no throwing of bottles or boos from the crowd. They bounced and sung along as Shatta Wale performed.

Other artists came to perform on the night. Sarkodie, Obrafour, Kwaw kese, Quamina MP, Kweku Smoke among others. Attendance at the Ashaiman to the world was overwhelming as it became difficult for the security personnel to control the crowd.

These two artists have shown a great deal of maturity. The future looks promising if they will continue this way.

Watch the video below:

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I will be hosting Cardi B – Shatta Wale.

The Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has revealed in an interview on Utv that he will be hosting Cardi B. The American singer and rapper is billed to perform in Ghana on December 8.

Shatta Wale together with other artists is also to perform on the same stage that day. Melissa hitmaker revealed that he has had a discussion with the promoter to allow him to host the rapper.

He said ” Cardi B is coming to Ghana and I believe I am going to host her. This is the first time I am telling anybody”.

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He discussed it with the promoters allow him to host Cardi B. “I told the promoters that I want to take it upon myself to host and show her Ghana. This is because she is one of my favorite female artists in America.”

He further added that Cardi B is his gangster part “Apart from Beyonce who is the queen-mother, Cardi B is my gangster part. She is coming to Ghana so people should watch out”.

We do not know how long Cardi B in the country after her show. Cardi will be going off to Nigeria on December 7. After the Nigeria trip, she will be in Ghana the following.

If Shatta Wale hosts Cardi then it is safe to say she will have one hell of a time. This is because the SM boss never disappoints.


Efia Odo says God is a female.

Actress and Tv presenter, Efia in a recent twitter post referred to God as she. She tweeted a photo of herself in a Garden. The caption that came with the tweet was “calling God, She put me on hold”.

The tweet sparked a debate among the followers of the actress. Some followers thought it was true while others believed that it was a false statement because God couldn’t be female.

This led to a back and forth argument between her followers. Some of them were giving reasons why God could be a female whiles others opposed to that school of thought.

a tweet to followers

One user commented that God could be female since he created both males and females in his own image. The user cited the book of Genesis as reference. This made another person draw the user’s attention to the pronouns that was used for God.

Judging from the actress’s background, it couldn’t have been an error. Besides she could have updated her post she wanted so her recent tweet is not a surprise to many. This is because the actress has a different opinion about God and religion.

The Tv presenter and model believes that each individual has his or her own views as to who God is. She also believes that Jesus is not God. From this point of view, we can say that Efia Odo did not make a mistake when she tweeted with that caption.

Efia Odo did not make any comment to her followers when the sought to correct her. Maybe she was enjoying the debate she started.

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Kwaku Smoke sends a “letter” to Shatt Wale.

Kwaku Smoke was in the news last week when allegedly accused Shatta Wale of releasing his thugs on him. The “yedin” hitmaker has prepared a short diss for the Shatta Movement Boss.

The rapper went hard on Shatta Wale in the 2 minutes track titled letter to Shatta Wale. He commented on Shatta’s physical appearance, the ways he dresses and the SM fans in general.

Smoke in the song said Shatta Wale claims to be hard when faced with an issue he runs to the back. This is in reference to the Shatta and Stonebwoy altercations on the VGMA stage.

He also said Shatta Wale wears (Togo Togo) fake and that the SM Boss could only boost of few original designers. The underground rapper accused the “Dancehall King” of taking the shine of upcoming artists but claims to be a superstar.

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He also expressed his disappointment for the girls who were able to sleep with Shatta Wale. This is because Shatta Wale is disgusting. He said Shatta Wale couldn’t end his career even if he tried.

He stated that the SM boss has failed to help the ghetto youth despite his claims of being with them every day.

Kwaku ended by saying that Shatta Wale has used “takashi” to win the awards.

This song was long overdue because we knew Kwaku Smoke was not going to keep quiet after the whole incident.

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Stop buying Instagram “likes”- Akuapem Poolo.

Akuapem Poolo released a video showing concerns about Instagram’s decision to hide likes on posts. She said should have preferred it if the comment section was rather taken off. This is because they needed to see how many people like their post.

She later turned to switch to commend Instagram for the smart move because they realized that people were buying like. Akuapem Poloo said that it was crazy how people could get about 1000 likes within a few seconds of posting something. “But Instagram too you are smart oo. You realized people have been buying the likes. Because how can one person post something and under 2 seconds they will get 60k”.

She blamed those buying Instagram likes for the company’s decision to hide them. The social media influencer further encouraged them to use the monies they spend on buying likes to take care of their kids. ” Guys now you have to save your money. The money you have been using to buy likes for your kids. Credit cards you have been using to buy likes. Why? Now because of you we cannot see our likes again.

The Actress went on to make up of those who were going to be affected by Instagrams decision to hide the likes. “Instagram, people will die oo. E dey pain you. Stop buying likes”, she ended.

Poloo is noted for attacking other celebrities but it not clear who this was going out to.

Watch video below:

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Shatta Wale insults Ameyaw Debrah and the media.

Shatta Wale sent a pile load of insults to blogger, Ameyaw Debrah on snap chat. This is because the blogger claims Shatta has not earned a Grammy nomination. According to him, Shatta Wale has less the 51% playing time required to be considered a Grammy nomination.

Ameyaw in an interview with MzGee asked Fuse ODG if he received a plaque for his contribution to Ed Sheeran’s album.

This is because the album won a Grammy. Fuse ODG went mad and questioned the Ghanaian media on their loyalty and support for local artists.

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Shatta Wale has responded to this via a Snap and insulted Ameyaw Debrah and other media persons. He said some people in the media want him to be and look a certain way to win something.

He said once he has worked on the album with Beyonce if she wins then he is also a winner. Because of this he doesn’t need a plaque to certify him as a winner. “If Asamoah Gyan scores a goal for Ghana to win a trophy will you say the trophy belongs to Gyan alone?” he gave this analogy.

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He futher went on to say that some Ghanaians believe that because of the way he looks, he doesn’t deserve anything. On the other hand if it is Sarkodie, no one complains.

Watch video below:

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No Grammy nomination for Shatta Wale.

News circulating on social media alleges that Shatta Wale together with other Ghanaian artists Grammy nomination is not true. This was brought to light by blogger Ebenezer Donkoh. He tweeted that for someone to be part of the Grammy nomination, he or she must earn 51% playing time an album.

This means that Shatta Wale doesn’t qualify to be a nominee because he only worked on one project on the album.

The tweet got many SM fans talking as they were already celebrating the success of the leader whiles trolling Sarkodie and his fans.

After the tweet by Ebenezer Donkoh, other bloggers such as Ameyaw Debrah have confirmed that Shatta Wale has indeed not earned a Grammy nomination.

If that is true, it means that Guiltybeatz, and M.anifest have also not earned a Grammy Nomination and Rocky Dawuni still remains the only Ghanaian artiste who has earned a Grammy nomination.

SM fans who were not happy about the news got angry with the blogger and called him all sorts of names. According to them, he was just a hater who did not like to see Shatta Wale succeed.

Fans of Sarkodie who had earlier been trolled took to Twitter to payback SM fans in their own coin by also trolling them.

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Shatta Wale and M.anifest get Grammy Nominations.

The nominees for the 62nd Grammy Awards has been released and two of Ghana’s fine artiste have been nominated for the prestigious award. The Grammy is an award presented by the Recording Academy to recognize the achievements in the Music Industry globally. This has made the award scheme the biggest when it comes to the music industry.

Two Ghanaian artistes have been nominated for the 62nd Grammy Awards which comes off on the 26th January 2020. Their nominations came about as a result of their collaboration with other artists. Shatta Wale has earned two Grammy nominations through his collaboration with Beyonce Knowles. The Lion King Album has been nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media. This means that a win for Beyonce is these categories will be a win for Shatta Wale.

On the other hand, the “god mc” hitmaker, M.anifest was also nominated through the collaboration with Burna Boy on the African Giant album. The album was also nominated for Best World Music Album, so a win for Burna Boy will be a win for M.anifest.

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With the Grammy awards, every individual that works on a song or an album gets a grammy if that particular song or album wins. Should be Beyonce and Burna Boi win in the respective categories mentioned above, both Shatta Wale and M.anifest will also be winners of the awards.

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Wendy Shay trolled for getting lyrics wrong. (video)

Afro-Pop sensation and VGMA new artiste of the year, Wendy Shay has been trolled by fans after a video of her circulated on social media. In the said video, Wendy was seen in a church singing the popular song, “Ancient of days”.

Whiles singing Wendy missed the lyrics to the song. At the part which was sung”as old as you are”, Wendy Shay said, ” how old are you are”. Fans on Twitter went crazy and started trolling the RuffTown Records artiste.

They said she should have learnt the lyrics or better sung a song she really knew how to sing. This is because she should have that what she sang did not make any sense.

One twitter user by the name Osu Sarkodie tweeted ” part time christian You wan fight full time devil….Wendy Shay Neva dey disappoint ” which was in relation to Kofi Kinaata’s lyrics in his latest “things fall apart”.

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Others tried to give explanations that she wanted to use that medium to ask the age of God whiles others also complained about Wendy Shay always being in the news for the wrong reasons.

Watch the video below:

See some tweets below:

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Shatta Wale Bags 5 awards At MTN 4syte TV Music Video Awards 2019 – Full List of Winners

The  MTN 4syte TV Music Video Awards 2019 is over.

The 10th edition of the 4syte Tv Music Video Awards 2019, took place last night at the  Kempinski Hotel in Accra amidst glitz and glamour. Individual Artiste in the music industry were awarded for the hard work they put in their music video.

Shatta Wale (the biggest winner of the night) bagged 5 awards whiles Sarkcess Music CEO, Sarkodie took home 3 awards with the Overall Best video going to Ayat (Guda).

Below is the list of winners with the categories they won.

Best Gospel Music Video – Jon Winner (Big God)

Best Special Effects – Medikal (Omo Ada Remix)

Best Storyline – RJZ (Bye Bye)

Best Edited Video – Shatta Wale (Gringo)

Best Photography  Video– Cina Soul (Ojorley)

Best Reggae/Dancehall Video – Shatta Wale (Gringo)

Best Choreography – ZeeTown Melody (Totori)

Best Male Video – Sarkodie (Can’t Let You Go)

Best Female Video – Wendy Shay (Uber Driver)

Best Group – R2Bees (We Dey Vibe)

Achievement Award – Sarkodie

Best HipHop Video – Sarkodie (Biibi Ba)

Best HighLife Video – Nana Boroo (Fine Boy)

Best Collaboration – Stonebwoy (Kpoo Keke)

Best Discovery Video – Quamina MP (Wiase ye de Rmx)

Living Legend Award – Osei Kwame Despite

Best Directed Video –  Akwaboah (Hye Me Bo)

Most Popular Video – Shatta Wale (Gringo)

Big Chune – Shatta Wale (My Level)

Best Hiplife Video –   Okyeame Kwame (Bra)

African Act –  Burna Boy

Most Influential Artist –  Shatta Wale

Overall Best Video –  Ayat (Guda)


Yvonne Nelson’s hypocrisy revealed by an investigative journalist.

Investigative Journalist, Kiki Mordi, known for the “sex for grades” expose has criticized Actress Yvonne Nelson for being a hypocrite because she did not back her talk with actions.

This is because the Actress posted a sexually seductive picture of herself on twitter. This shouldn’t have been a problem but the Kiki Mordi posted an old tweet of the the Actress (Yvonne Nelson). In the said tweet, Yvonne Nelson talked about how sex was traded for everything in our part of the world including sex for grades.

The multiple award winning actress further stated in the post that girls were now exposing body parts on social media rather than covering themselves because it was what people want. The tweet read “Sex for grade! Sex for jobs! Sex for everything in our part of the world! Your brains don’t matter here. It’s the covered parts they want, oh wait these parts aren’t covered anymore… it’s free on social media. Will it ever change?”

Kiki Mordi referred to this post by the Actress and compared it to the her the photo she posted recently with the caption “This is how you know people just talk to talk.”

Kiki wasn’t impressed with the double standards of the actress because she was surprised that someone who was preaching against exposing body parts on social media a couple of months ago just to turn and practice what she talked against.

See the the said picture below:

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Shatta Wale assaults an upcoming artiste after taking his song. [video]

Shatta Movement has allegedly assaulted an upcoming artist and his manager after Shatta Wale was accused of doing wrong. In a video going viral on social media the artiste, who goes by the name, Kweku Smoke was spotted in a series of videos accusing the ‘Borjor’ hitmaker of beating him (Smoke) and his manager after they went to his house to settle a misunderstanding between them.

Kweku Smoke accused some Ghanaians of condoning evil when the truth was staring them in the face. He said people were insulting him and not even checking the facts to see if there was any truth to what he was saying. He started by saying in pidgin “some of we Ghanaians, we dey part people dey behave the way dem dey behave”.

It is unclear as to what led Shatta Wale to assault but it has something to do with Kweku Smoke’s new song “on dem”. According to him, SM fans were trying to deny the fact that he had had contact with Shatta Wale but he showed video evidence of Shatta Wale and him in a studio where Shatta was seen banging his head in appreciation to his song.

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Smoke said that he was not accusing the SM boss for hype or for anything but rather what Shatta Wale did really hurt him. He further revealed that a “big person” approached him asked him to settle the issue between him and Shatta Wale and when he together with his manager went to Shatta Wale’s house, he [Shatta Wale]organized some thugs to beat his manager and him while Shatta Wale was recording it. He dared Shatta to post the video if he was a man.

In the video, the guy could be seen with a bandage on his left arm, a brace around his neck and a swollen left eye which was really difficult for him to fully open.

He also accused the Shatta Wale of damaging his Mercedez Benz and threatened to deal with Shatta Wale. “we all dey this country, we go see”.

Some people commented on social media that if what he was saying was true he should have reported it to the police rather than making a video and posting it to social media.

Kweku Smoke has a feature with Sarkodie on the track “Yedin”.

Watch the videos below:

first video
2nd video
last video

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John Dumelo pledges to donate 50% of his salary to Ayawaso youth.

Actor John Dumelo has pledged to donate 50% of his first-year salary and bonuses he receives as a Member of Parliament to the youth of Ayawaso West as development aid.

This pledge came about after a twitter follower replied to a to post about his willingness to continue the projects he is embarking on when he wins the seat in 2020 of which Mr. Dumelo answered that if he did not continue after becoming an M.P in 2020, he was going to lose 2024 elections. Another Twitter user was not impressed with his answer and tweeted ” Not. Best reply “if I don’t.” That 4 years in office can create a generational fortune for you. Tell them if you don’t. In your first year, they should take all your allowance n salaries and use it to develop.

Meaning 4 years was enough for John Dumelo to amass all the wealth he can in office and therefore losing 2024 elections wouldn’t be a big blow to him and therefore dared the actor cum politician the give his first-year salary and allowances for development.

John Dumelo’s reply was to pledge to give 50% of his first-year salary and bonuses to the youth of Ayawaso as development and added that he really meant it.

See tweets below:

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