Fan calls Sarkodie’s wife a villager and an arrogant fool.

Sarkodie and his wife Tracy Sarkcess have been branded unsupportive by a fan on twitter. It all started when Tracy made a tweeted about the state of the Ghanaian music.

She said that Ghanaians should continue to support local artiste because a majority of them were doing everything on their own.

” So please guys let’s big up a lot of our Ghanaian artistes because they are doing this alone with mostly no help but just pure talent. Hardly anyone invest in them although we got so many rich ppl in this country and no industry structure!”.

This angered a fan who thought if rich people could help in the music industry, then Sarkodie and his wife (Tracy) should also help other artistes.

The fan quizzed Tracy as to how many artists they have signed on their record label. “aren’t You rich too??? How many artists do you have on your record label?”

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Tracy later replied to the comment by the fan by stating that she doesn’t know if she and her husband were rich.

Another fan took the opportunity to insult the first lady of Sarkcess Music by calling her a villager and arrogant. “When a Villager becomes rich and acts as an Arrogant fool .. Sark must leave your ass”.

Other fans came in to defend Tracy whiles others also took advantage of the situation to criticize her and her husband.

See pics:

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I wasn’t aware I had a ‘meet and greet’ – Cardi B explains.

Cardi B landed in Ghana for her show at the Accra Sports Stadium early Sunday morning. Unknowing to her, the promoters had scheduled a meet and greet with other Ghanaian celebrities.

After waiting for Cardi for hours, some of the celebrities vented their anger for being stood up. These issues went round and Cardi B also came across it.

In her defense, she said she was not aware that there was any arrangement for a meet and greet. This means that her inability to meet these celebrities was not intentional.

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She made a live video on Twitter to explain issues to her followers. According to her, she was making plans to meet them after her make up session.

Cardi B also promised to make it up to them after the show in Ghana. “I wasn’t aware I had a meet and greet but since I do have one, you see my team working. I am about to go downstairs, baby. We are about to turn it up. And after the meet and greet I am gonna talk to my fans and after that am gonna go to my show”.

She continued by saying that she will go to a club after her show and sponsor her fans to ‘chill’ in her session.


Cardi B snubs Ghanaian Celebrities at Kempinski Hotel.

Cardi B arrived in Ghana from Nigeria early Sunday morning at Kempinski Hotel in Accra. Many celebrities in Ghana claimed that they receive an invitation for a meet and greet session with the American rapper.

Some of them accepted the invitation to meet the Hollywood icon and were expected at around 13:00 hrs GMT. After hours of waiting for Cardi, she did not show up,

They were later told that she would be available to meet them at 8:30 in the evening. Some of the celebrities felt disappointed at the turn around of the events and expressed their displeasure.

Afia Schwarzenegger was one of the celebrities who received the invitation to meet Cardi. According to her what Cardi did was a total disrespect to Ghanaians.

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She said that Cardi was being disrespectful to them and Ghanaians should do well to stay away from her show.

They complained about the fact that Cardi was at the poolside of Kempinski Hotel chewing “Kebab” whiles they were waiting for her.

Other celebrities who were around also expressed their disappointment in Cardi and the lack of respect she showed.

These celebrities have now been a subject of ridicule on social media.

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Efia Odo is not the owner of the wine shop – Afia Schwar.

The popular Actress and Comedienne, Afia Schwar has revealed that Efia Odo is not the owner of the wine shop as made to believe. According to her, Odo is just a manager of the wine shop. “sister Efia is a manager, not a CEO.

She revealed that the owner of the wine shop has allowed her (Odo) to run the company because of her popularity.

Therefore Efia Odo’s claim that she cannot afford a car because of the shop couldn’t be true. She said a post by Shatta Wale on Instagram drew her attention to the fact that Efia Odo is rather a manager and not the owner.

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In the post, Shatta wrote ” Once again I will like to thank the manager of @southafrica_winesgh madam @efia_odo for such a great time at her newly opened wine shop. Thank you, dear ❤️”.

The comedienne went further to troll Efia Odo for misleading people to believe the wine shop belonged to her.

The fact that Efia Odo is the manager does not imply that she does not have any stake in the company. It could be a partnership where the one with the majority stake is regarded as the owner.

Efia Odo is yet to respond to these allegations raised by Afia Schwar.

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Shatta Wale reveals his favorite Stonebwoy song at Ashaiman to the world concert 2019.

Shatta Wale surprised Bhim Nation fans at the Ashaiman to the world concert organized by Stonebwoy. The former ‘enemies’ performed on stage together. During Shatta Wale’s Performance, he revealed one of Stonebwoy’s songs really touched his heart.

He said “tomorrow” by Stonebwoy is his favorite song because it really touched his heart when he first listened to it. Shatta Wale went on to rain praises on his new friend for such a song.

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The two after settling their misunderstanding have become the best of friends. The Bhim nation fans gave Shatta Wale a warm reception at Ashaiman. There was no throwing of bottles or boos from the crowd. They bounced and sung along as Shatta Wale performed.

Other artists came to perform on the night. Sarkodie, Obrafour, Kwaw kese, Quamina MP, Kweku Smoke among others. Attendance at the Ashaiman to the world was overwhelming as it became difficult for the security personnel to control the crowd.

These two artists have shown a great deal of maturity. The future looks promising if they will continue this way.

Watch the video below:

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First Lady Rebecca Akuffo pays for Davelyn’s surgery.

On November 26, Nana Aba Anamoah posted a video on twitter. The video featured an eight-year-old girl and her mother. The little girl (Davelyn) had been diagnosed with hole-in-heart.

Aside from her heart condition, she was also autistic, 90% blind and mute. The girl’s father also passed away some months ago. After her diagnosis, the hospital requested an amount of $9000 equivalent to 50,000 cedis to treat her. Her mother did not know what to so she sought for help outside.

Nana Aba Anamoah was touched by the girl’s story and decided to help her. She posted a video on Twitter to solicit funds for the girl’s surgery.

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“8-year old Davelyn can’t hear. She’s 90% blind & autistic. She has just been diagnosed with a hole in heart. Kindly support with any amount and prayers. May our great maker bless you. Help us raise 50,000 cedis. MoMo: 0244-472-624 (Dorcas Yorke) 0540-703-584 (Phoebe Cobbinah). “

Many people who were touched by the little girl’s story sent contributions through the MOMO numbers she gave out. Within 48 hours, the total amount had been raised. Nana Aba Anamoah thanked everyone who contributed.

Nana Aba later revealed on her Twitter timeline that the first lady of Ghana, Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo has settled the full cost of surgery. She tweeted “The First Lady, @RAkufoAddo has settled the full cost of Davelyn’s surgery at the Cardiothoracic Center. Thank you so much, Auntie Becky. We have extra funds now to put Davelyn back in a special school. I’m more than elated”.

She thanked the first lady for her kind gesture.

Now little Davelyn has a reason to smile thanks to the benevolence of some Ghanaians and the first lady of Ghana.

We are Ghscoop wish Davelyn all the best in her surgery. It is our prayer that everything goes on successfully.

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I will be hosting Cardi B – Shatta Wale.

The Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has revealed in an interview on Utv that he will be hosting Cardi B. The American singer and rapper is billed to perform in Ghana on December 8.

Shatta Wale together with other artists is also to perform on the same stage that day. Melissa hitmaker revealed that he has had a discussion with the promoter to allow him to host the rapper.

He said ” Cardi B is coming to Ghana and I believe I am going to host her. This is the first time I am telling anybody”.

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He discussed it with the promoters allow him to host Cardi B. “I told the promoters that I want to take it upon myself to host and show her Ghana. This is because she is one of my favorite female artists in America.”

He further added that Cardi B is his gangster part “Apart from Beyonce who is the queen-mother, Cardi B is my gangster part. She is coming to Ghana so people should watch out”.

We do not know how long Cardi B in the country after her show. Cardi will be going off to Nigeria on December 7. After the Nigeria trip, she will be in Ghana the following.

If Shatta Wale hosts Cardi then it is safe to say she will have one hell of a time. This is because the SM boss never disappoints.


Shatta Wale criticizes government for ‘Year of Return’ failure.

Charles Nii Armah a.k.a Shatta Wale has criticized the government on the failure of the Year of return. He stated the declaration of the ‘Year of Return’ was not successful. Shatta Attributed this to the government’s failure to educate the masses about the ‘Year of Return.

“We’ve failed to educate the country about this ‘year of return’. So I don’t see anything going on. This is because the government has failed to educate the people. When there is a celebration in a particular country, it is everywhere”.

The Borjor hitmaker said that the lack of sensitization has resulted in low publicity. “In other countries, you go to hotels, people are talking about it. It is on the street. People are making money off it. But Ghana is the same way we know it. everyone is doing their own thing. You don’t see ‘trotro’ drivers branding their vehicles ‘year of return’. You don’t see any banners in town. It is just a few people in the country who are benefiting.

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He advised the government to educate the people because the people can have a direct impact. “Next time I feel the government should really educate the government about it. This is because it is the people who can make money from. If the people make money the pressure on the government is reduced. But now there is pressure in the system that people are not even understanding what the ‘year of return’ is’. This is because they have no idea about the initiative.

He said that all the people who are coming into the country should not just visit the presidency and CapeCoast. They should have an engagement with the local people.

It is Shatta Wale’s assertion that the ‘Year of Return’ initiative by the government has failed.

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NAM 1 applauds Ghana National Fire Service.

Nana Appiah Mensah popularly known as NAM 1 has applauded Ghana Fire Service for the swift response. He praised the firefighters for the immediate response to put out the fire in the offices of Zylofon.

There was fire outbreat at the Zylofon media house on Monday evening. People who were present called the National Fire Service. Thier pressence at the scene prevented the fire from spreading to other parts of the building.

Mr. Appiah Mensah has expressed his gratitude to the abled men for coming on time to save the situation. This is because only a handful of people were present when the fire started. Until the arrival of the firefighters, their attempts had proved futile.

The embattled Menzgold boss in a post on Twitter, he stated ” What shall separate us from the love of God? Be of good cheer. We shall partake in a better, stronger and an overwhelmingly brighter tomorrow. I praise you God”.

Two Media house has alos released an official statement. Read below

“A fire incident occurred at about 9 pm on Monday 25th November 2019 at the Zylofon Media Complex used for our television, radio and online operations.

Thankfully, the incident which affected one of our two buildings, occurred in the night after most of our staff members, clients and visitors had departed the premises. 

We are extremely grateful to God that there were no human fatalities or casualties.

While one part of the complex was damaged by the fire, the swift response of the Ghana National Fire Service, some of our staff, friends and well-wishers, who all responded to the incident in diverse ways, contributed to the swift containment and extinguishing of the fire. 

We commend the professionalism of the GNFS and the Ghana Police Service officials and thank them for the timely and invaluable service they rendered.

We are now working with the relevant authorities to ascertain the cause of the fire outbreak. Relevant experts are also working to ensure the structural integrity of the affected building.

We are also working assiduously to resume our full operations as soon as possible.

We will keep the public updated on any developments on this matter. 

Once again we wish to express our deep appreciation to all for the encouragement and moral support during the incident.

Thank you

Management, Zylofon Media”

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Imported rice is still cheaper than local rice – John Dumelo.

Rice producers in the country for the past weeks have issued concerns on the low patronage of the local rice. According to them, the government should address this to boost their market share and the economy.

They attributed the influx of imported rice as the main reason for the low patronage. They want the government to put a ban on the importation of rice. This is because they could enough rice to feed the entire country.

Actor cum politician, John Dumelo has also expressed his opinions about the whole saga. He stated that Ghanaians inability to buy local rice is a result of the high price. He said that imported rice was still cheaper after duties charged.

” It will interest you to know that imported rice( after paying all the shipping and duties pop at the port) is still cheaper than our local rice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a farmer and a huge advocate for consumption of made in Ghana products but the patriotic patience of Ghanaians”.

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He attributed the high price to the cost of doing business as a farmer. ” I’m a pig farmer. Do you know how frustrating it is when my clients prefer imported pork because it’s cheaper? Cost of doing business as farmers in Ghana is high. From the feed to taxes to labour.”

He further stated that once imported rice is cheap that will always be the option for people. “One it is cheap it is the best”.

The Parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso west believes if the cost of doing business as a farmer is reduced, prices will be affected.

Do you believe that he is being objective or being a politician? Comment below:


Kwaku Smoke sends a “letter” to Shatt Wale.

Kwaku Smoke was in the news last week when allegedly accused Shatta Wale of releasing his thugs on him. The “yedin” hitmaker has prepared a short diss for the Shatta Movement Boss.

The rapper went hard on Shatta Wale in the 2 minutes track titled letter to Shatta Wale. He commented on Shatta’s physical appearance, the ways he dresses and the SM fans in general.

Smoke in the song said Shatta Wale claims to be hard when faced with an issue he runs to the back. This is in reference to the Shatta and Stonebwoy altercations on the VGMA stage.

He also said Shatta Wale wears (Togo Togo) fake and that the SM Boss could only boost of few original designers. The underground rapper accused the “Dancehall King” of taking the shine of upcoming artists but claims to be a superstar.

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He also expressed his disappointment for the girls who were able to sleep with Shatta Wale. This is because Shatta Wale is disgusting. He said Shatta Wale couldn’t end his career even if he tried.

He stated that the SM boss has failed to help the ghetto youth despite his claims of being with them every day.

Kwaku ended by saying that Shatta Wale has used “takashi” to win the awards.

This song was long overdue because we knew Kwaku Smoke was not going to keep quiet after the whole incident.

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Shatta Wale insults Ameyaw Debrah and the media.

Shatta Wale sent a pile load of insults to blogger, Ameyaw Debrah on snap chat. This is because the blogger claims Shatta has not earned a Grammy nomination. According to him, Shatta Wale has less the 51% playing time required to be considered a Grammy nomination.

Ameyaw in an interview with MzGee asked Fuse ODG if he received a plaque for his contribution to Ed Sheeran’s album.

This is because the album won a Grammy. Fuse ODG went mad and questioned the Ghanaian media on their loyalty and support for local artists.

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Shatta Wale has responded to this via a Snap and insulted Ameyaw Debrah and other media persons. He said some people in the media want him to be and look a certain way to win something.

He said once he has worked on the album with Beyonce if she wins then he is also a winner. Because of this he doesn’t need a plaque to certify him as a winner. “If Asamoah Gyan scores a goal for Ghana to win a trophy will you say the trophy belongs to Gyan alone?” he gave this analogy.

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He futher went on to say that some Ghanaians believe that because of the way he looks, he doesn’t deserve anything. On the other hand if it is Sarkodie, no one complains.

Watch video below:

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Anas Aremeyaw Anas “uncovered”. (video)

A video going viral on social media has of a believed to be the Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas. In the video, a man who said he has uncovered Anas stated swore that it was the “real” Anas.

The man said angrily in the video “we caught Anas. Anas Aremeyaw, He said he is Anas Aremeyaw, so record I and him.”

We cannot confirm the reason behind the misunderstanding between the people in the video. Reports reaching us indicated that the said Anas in the video went there to do an investigation on some land acquisitions on the Tse Addo lands.

He, however, decided to take some of the lands for himself which the people involved did not agree to. He then informed them that he was Anas in a bid to scare them with his name.

It seemed the people were not perturbed about his threats and rather recorded him to “expose” him to the world.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has always been cited in the public space with masks and very few people know of his true identity.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas

We cannot confirm or deny whether the man in the video is Anas Aremeyaw Anas but our source says Anas has had a long connection with on the Tse Addo lands.

Watch video below

video of Anas

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No Grammy nomination for Shatta Wale.

News circulating on social media alleges that Shatta Wale together with other Ghanaian artists Grammy nomination is not true. This was brought to light by blogger Ebenezer Donkoh. He tweeted that for someone to be part of the Grammy nomination, he or she must earn 51% playing time an album.

This means that Shatta Wale doesn’t qualify to be a nominee because he only worked on one project on the album.

The tweet got many SM fans talking as they were already celebrating the success of the leader whiles trolling Sarkodie and his fans.

After the tweet by Ebenezer Donkoh, other bloggers such as Ameyaw Debrah have confirmed that Shatta Wale has indeed not earned a Grammy nomination.

If that is true, it means that Guiltybeatz, and M.anifest have also not earned a Grammy Nomination and Rocky Dawuni still remains the only Ghanaian artiste who has earned a Grammy nomination.

SM fans who were not happy about the news got angry with the blogger and called him all sorts of names. According to them, he was just a hater who did not like to see Shatta Wale succeed.

Fans of Sarkodie who had earlier been trolled took to Twitter to payback SM fans in their own coin by also trolling them.

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Wendy Shay trolled for getting lyrics wrong. (video)

Afro-Pop sensation and VGMA new artiste of the year, Wendy Shay has been trolled by fans after a video of her circulated on social media. In the said video, Wendy was seen in a church singing the popular song, “Ancient of days”.

Whiles singing Wendy missed the lyrics to the song. At the part which was sung”as old as you are”, Wendy Shay said, ” how old are you are”. Fans on Twitter went crazy and started trolling the RuffTown Records artiste.

They said she should have learnt the lyrics or better sung a song she really knew how to sing. This is because she should have that what she sang did not make any sense.

One twitter user by the name Osu Sarkodie tweeted ” part time christian You wan fight full time devil….Wendy Shay Neva dey disappoint ” which was in relation to Kofi Kinaata’s lyrics in his latest “things fall apart”.

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Others tried to give explanations that she wanted to use that medium to ask the age of God whiles others also complained about Wendy Shay always being in the news for the wrong reasons.

Watch the video below:

See some tweets below:

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