Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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There is no way 200 factories can be built in four years – Minister

The Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr. Akoto Osei, has stated in an interview on Joy Tv that the New Patriotic Party is incapable of establishing over 200 factories in Ghana.

Dr. Akoto said that the One District One Factory was part of their campaign promises but it was not every promise that could be delivered in four years. He agreed with the interviewer that they promised to establish a factory in every district but they never said it was going to be in four years.

He stated that it was impossible to complete over 200 factories in that limited time. He denied that the President, H.E Nana Addo Dankwah ever gave a timeline for the completion of the factories at the various districts in the country.

He was asked why they made such a statement when they knew that constitutionally they had four years to deliver. He said that they (NPP) made that promise but they never said how many they were going to do in four years.

He said the 1D1F policy is the objective but not something they could complete in four years.

This means that the President will need additional years to complete the projects hence the slogan #4more to do more.

What do you think about the Minister’s submission? Is he right or did they lie to Ghanaians? Leave your comments below.

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