Tracy Boakye to release a new single

Actress and entrepreneur, Tracy Boakye has revealed in an Instagram post that she will be releasing a new single on Friday at 10 am. The new single is titled Try again. The post did not reveal any feature with any mainstream artist.

It seems the whole movie industry is moving towards music as many actors have diversified their portfolios to the music industry.

Recently Emelia Brobbey released her second single after she was ridiculed a section of the public for her first song. Actors moving to the music industry seems to be the order of the day.

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It is quite surprising because the budding actress has not been involved in any musical project in the past.

The music prowess of Tracy Boakye cannot be vouched for but we hope it is as good as her movie.

Could the exodus of actors and actresses into the music be as a result of the movie industry going down or are these celebrities exploring their talents?

See the post below

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