Twitter descends heavily on Wendy Shay for taking advantage of Kobe Bryant’s death

If there is one celebrity who is not in the good books of Twitter users in Ghana, Wendy Shay will be on top of the list. She sometimes gets insulted for nothing or on trivial issues.

Wendy Shay after being hammered the last time she posted her views on the demise of Basketball legend Kobe Bryant had another thing to say.

This time around she tweeted:

This angered some people who believed that the songstress was taking advantage of Kobe’s death to trend. They believed that even though Kobe might have released a few songs, that was not what he was known for.

Many people are not aware of Kobe’s music venture and he was not regarded as a mainstream artist so it was not cool for Wendy to post that tweet.

See some responses to Wendy’s tweet below

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She later tweeted that She grew up with Kobe Bryant and that was the last straw as other people rained a whole lot of insults on her.

As at the time of filing this report, Wendy Shay was number one on the trend list. If that was her motive for that tweet, she has definitely achieved that.

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