Twitter users descend heavily on Lydia Forson for being a feminist.

Actress Lydia Forson has been bashed heavily by twitter users after a fan tagged her with a viral video of a Legon student by the name of Karen abusing her boyfriend with bathroom slippers “chalewote” in a hostel.

The twitter user known by the name Dr. Ayigbe Borla Bird wrote ” Hi @lydiaforson, what is your take on this lady beating a guy with slippers?

Lydia Forson replied by insulting the user with ” This is why you should be careful of the nicknames you give yourself. See how you’re here acting like a Borla Bird and dirtying yourself by exposing your ignorance. Are you so stupid you need me to tell you it’s wrong for any HUMAN being to hit someone?”

This led to back and forth replies from both sides and this led to other users expressing their thought on the issue. Most of the users angrily lambasted Lydia for actually overreacting to a harmless question. This is because Ms. Forson had always shared her opinions on issues relating to the abuse of women in the past and the fans wanted to see the same when the tables were turned.

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This was not to be after her initial reply and exchanges (insults) with Ayigbe Borla Bird aka Mr_Ceyram and this has led many Twitter users to call her biased and feminist.

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Do you think the fans are being fair with her? Share your thoughts below.

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