Video: Game shop manager refuses to accept the new GH₵ 200 note.

A customer by name Godwin went to Game to buy some drinks for the festive occasion. He decided to make payment with the new GH₵ 200 notes which the Bank of Ghana recently introduced.

The cashier refused to accept the money and it drew the attention of the manager of the shop. The manager also instructed the new teller not to accept the new currency. The reason behind their refusal is not yet known.

The angry customer who was frustrated by the development in the shop recorded a video and uploaded it on Twitter.

“Hi, my name is Godwin. I am buying from Game as you can see and I am paying with Ghana’s money, legal tender GH₵ 200 and the manager here says he is not going to take the money. The teller here says she is not going to take the money. As you can see everybody is here present and nobody is going to take my money which I did not manufacture which Ghana’s legal tender to pay for my drinks”, he ended.

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Refusal to accept any legal tender is against the laws of the country as inscribed on each currency. “THIS NOTE IS ISSUED ON STATUTORY AUTHORITY AND IS LEGAL TENDER FOR THE PAYMENT OF ANY AMOUNT”.

A person or organization cannot refuse a genuine legal tender as a medium of payment and it is not known as to why a big shop like Game will refuse to accept a legal tender from its customer.

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