Video of deaf and dumb girl preaching in the market

Gh scoop has sited a video on social media of a girl who is deaf and dumb preaching in the market. This comes as quite a surprise as it was difficult for anyone around to listen to her.

It is unfortunate that she couldn’t get her words out but the zeal to which she ministered the word of God impressed some passersby whiles others looked unconcerned.

it is not known what might have moved her to preach at the market. People who saw the video had a mixed reaction about it.

Some believed that it was due to financial difficulties that is why the girl was preaching to make a living. Others also believe that it could be the hand of God working in the girl.

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What we can say is, there are so many things wrong with this act. This is because the word of God is preached for redemption and salvation. So what will be the essence of the preaching when no one is able to hear or understand what you are saying.

This is truly a strange behaviour for anyone to understand.

Watch the video below

What do you think led her to do this? Leave your comments below

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