Watch: Drunk Joyce Blessing’s videos cause stir on social media

Popular gospel artiste, Joyce Blessing has been hit with a viral video of her intoxicated and professing lover to her ex husband. In the video, the Unbreakable hit maker was seen heavily drunk whiles still holding a bottle of red label. It seems the video was recorded by herself and sent to a man which our reports indicate it to be her former husband Dave Joy.

The video seemed to have been recorded at the time she was having marital issues with her then spouse Dave Joy because she was still wearing her wedding ring. The artiste blamed him [Dave Joy] for her being drunk as she was suffering from the bad treatment she was receiving from him which left her broken hearted.

She was heard making statements like “I am not a drunkard, I have never drunk this in my life, trust me. But you’ve made me. I try to forget you but I can’t. Babs I love, see my tears …..”

Netizens have expressed mixed feelings about the video. Whiles some believe it wasn’t right for known gospel act to get this drunk no matter the challenges she faced, others believe she should be cut some slack because she was going through pain and that could have happened to anyone.

Meanwhile, Management of Joyce Blessing has released a press to the public to disregard the circulating video which intends to put their client in a bad light.

According to them, the video was an old video of a loving wife expressing private feelings to her husband and the contents were not meant to be circulated publicly. They further stated that their legal team have initiated investigations into the matter and the culprit(s) will be brought to book.

It is not yet known who leaked the video but her ex husband is the one being blamed because he was the only one who had the video.

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