We will pay all our customers within 3 years – Gold Coast Securities.

Mr. Benjamin Afreh, spokesperson of the new management for Goldcoast securities has stated that the new management is working around the clock to ensure that all its customers will be paid within three years.

Speaking to Fremah of Citi newsroom, he reiterated management’s efforts to settle any amount owed to their customers. He said that they have been able to pay close to ten thousand (10,000) customers within a year.

He further stated that due to the high volumes of money and customers involved it would be difficult to settle them within a year but they working hard ensure they settle all their customers fully.

Asked on how they were going to get money to the money to pay its customers, he said that they have started receiving interest on some investments and are gradually using those monies to offset debts starting with customers whose monies are less than GH 2000 cedis.

Blackshield Fund Management has also given options to its clients who are interested in swapping part of the amount owed them for assets worth its value.

Unpaid customers of Gold Coast Securities have put a lot of pressure on the management of the company through series of demonstrations across the country ever since the business came to an abrupt end.

Mr. Afreh admitted that it has been tough for the company since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) directive last year that brought a halt to their activities.

He urged customers to be patient with them as they work tirelessly to pay all of them.

Source: citi tv (citinewsroom.com)

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